Why doesn't Gravity Forms support modern form elements?

Gravity forms is great, but they are NOT supporting modern field elements like a slider, toggle, stepper, etc. These new form elements have been around for QUITE sometime now, so why isn’t gravity forms adding them to its core package?!?

I should NOT have to go OUTSIDE of gravity forms to get/use current design patterns for form elements. Many 3rd party modules are simply too buggy. I just got burned by a third party slider (flywheel), that updated itself and completely broke my site. WHY is this NOT already a part of GF?

Please Advise


Agreed. This would be great to see in the core plugin.

P.S. Sorry about crashing your site. I expect that was my plugin (Typewheel). I issued a quick fix in version 1.8 which is hopefully working for you now, but 1.7 was out there for a couple hours.


Indeed we miss this features as well! It’s almost 2020!

A slider, toggle, stepper would be so helpful !

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I’m not mad at you, Joshua.

Heck, at least YOU are working to bring us more up-to-date form elements. So no worries on my end, and (actually) thank you for your efforts. It’s GRAVITY FORMS who should really start listening to it’s customers. Alas, this is what can happen when one company owns too much of the market, they tend to stop listening to the very people who gave them market dominance. …go figure.

To say we don’t listen is unfair. We listen to our customers every day. I’m here listening right now. We have a backlog of over 500 open feature requests. We appreciate our customers and appreciate their feedback as well. We have these elements already noted as feature requests. We can appreciate your comments as well, even when we disagree. Happy Holidays @SleeperTech and everyone else in the Gravity Forms community for helping create something great.

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Hey Chris,

Thank you for your comments and …well… fair enough. I see you do listen. However, just a cursory look back through the posts reveals that I am not (at all) the first person to ask this question. So now it would be great if you could point us in the direction of your development roadmap (Trello, etc.) wherein we can see what new features have been accepted and are planned or are in production. This way we can stop asking for the same features over an over, month after month. We would be ever so grateful.

Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays!

We do not publish an external roadmap. As I mentioned, there are several hundred feature requests on the board, and we do go through and prioritize and accept them into production. My advice would be to keep pushing for the features you want, so they get more traction. The more interest there is in a feature, the more likely it is that it will be implemented. Thank you.

sigh … okie dokie … thanks for that.

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Hi Chris,

So 500 items are waiting?! I’m a client for over 6 years… in the 6 year’s I can’t recall any new major features that have been released? And I mean, new fields that have been added to improve the user experience. So what’s the deal with that?

This makes me really sad reading that there are 500 suggestions and wondering what the f… I’m paying for each year as there are 500 ideas waiting to “maybe” get insert into gravity forms. AND ONLY IF WE KEEP NAGGING ABOUT THEM?! That’s a bit messed up don’t you think.

And what’s the deal with this?

Sorry about my language, but I’m getting truly disappointed at this point by reading all of this.

I and probably a lot of your clients wish to have a clear roadmap, because I feel like Gravity Forms is getting truly behind their competition that offering plugins for less, (now don’t be that guy/company) that says, then you should consider going to them… because that’s the easy way to get rid of me or others clients. As I and maybe others still believe in GF. But you need to take action.

As GF is giving indeed the feeling like @SleeperTech also mentions that Gravity Forms just don’t care. Because they dominate the form market… (for now) I’m glad that I’m not the only one… that thinks and feels this way. It should be a shame that we are going to contact other developers to support other forms, as GF just seems not to care about it… 500+ items that are waiting, seriously??

As for the support, it’s always a solution to a third party… to buy their plugin addon. And that’s not what I want, the more plugins the more risk of a possible hack, slower loading times, or whatever… For a premium plugin that costs me already a lot, i expect real updates with new features at least once a year

Like these modern elements, that isn’t asked much… and can be added quite fast and easy, no? A lot of third-party form plugins are supporting this.

As well for the conditional logic that i’m been asking for a couple of years now. Recently I saw that someone made the effort to open this topic as well. Make Dependent Conditional Logic Warning More Useful

It’s open since December 18! That’s almost a year now… and the only thing you can say is: “There are no updates yet, but it is still in discussion” How long do you guys need to discuss this. I requested this almost 4 years ago as well… In January my renewal is coming, I want some clearness as we are going to roll out new websites. Are there coming soon (in the next 5 months new features?) That are major, no bug fixes…?! Because I’m getting a feeling that this is a waste of money to support you guys.

When is gravity forms truly going to listen to their clients and make work of some of the useful requests Or will you guys start working on them, once you are losing the market dominance?

Perhaps, we should all start making reviews on our websites and others, to warn people what Gravity Froms is and their updates. Okay this seems harsh, don’t take this wrong I still believe in GF, and I love that you guys are coming out with updates for bug fixes, but this doesn’t help us to improve the experience for our readers. We are getting behind of our competition as well, you know… because we just can’t offer the same things as it’s not part of Gravity forms core. And by reading a few topics here in the forum it seems none of them are ever going to be added.

Besides the regular updates in bug fixes, I barely see something useful that can improve the user experience. Now after 5 years, I’m starting to think how buggy this plugin must be because that’s the only thing that gets updates, bug fixes… Even though mobile users still have problems to apply a form for some reason. (iphone users in general)

Again don’t take this all personal, I just want to speak up… So that your team understand that more users are done waiting. I hope you realize that not all users are taking their time to reply, post or even contact GF, maybe they already gave up, as the anwser is mostly the same.

“Your idea is great, it’s been added to the feature list.”


The whole Gravity Forms team (and then some) are at the Virginia Beach office this week for meetings, and I will be sure to share this with them. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and voice your frustrations.

Hi Chris,

Truly appreciate this. I hope this message is a wake-up call. As I start reading more and more complains all over the net.

For you info, i’m running over 15+ plugins to expend GF, that are all security risks, It will be better that it’s inside the core. So we are sure the code is written good.

Can you please keep us all informed about that meeting? Thank you in advance.

Positive vibes your way.

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Thanks for this discussion. I’m starting to agree with this too. I’ve been a Gravity Forms user for many years - love it in many ways, but certainly feeling the lack of new features and often having to resort to third party plugins - some of which cost just as much for a small feature as the Gravity Forms core. Ridiculous situation of having so many a third-party plugins. Not just the security issues but performance and cost too.

Please do start adding more features soon - look at the top 100 requested features requested in the 500 you mentioned.


@chrishajer wrote:

The whole Gravity Forms team (and then some) are at the Virginia Beach office this week for meetings, and I will be sure to share this with them.

…well? So what happened when you brought this issue up? We all truly want to know the response. We sincerely hope it’s not the “Goodfella’s Response”.


We will not publish an external agenda. As I mentioned, there are hundreds of feature requests on the board and we review and prioritize them and accept them in production. My suggestion would be to continue pursuing the features you want to get more traction. The higher the interest in a feature, the more likely it is to implement it.

Thank .

It would sure be nice if we could vote on features. For example, we can like a feature suggestion, but the summary page only has Replies, Views & Activity. Adding a “Likes” column would make this forum more useful.

We do listen. But keep in mind what is a priority for you may not be a priority for us.

Our focus has primarily been on stability, scalability, localization, accessibility and security and not constantly adding new features. We also encourage 3rd party developers to create solutions for Gravity Forms to extend its capabilities from a feature standpoint because the core plugin itself is never going to satisfy every single user. Our 3rd party ecosystem is larger and more stable than any other form solution on the market.

We spend more money on things like testing, accessibility, localization and security than some other form plugins make in revenue per year. These are features you may not see but you benefit from every day.

Just like WordPress strength is in the ecosystem of plugins and themes, one of Gravity Forms major strengths is in its ecosystem of add-ons and extensions. Solutions like Gravity Flow, Gravity View, etc. which are enterprise quality applications built on top of Gravity Forms.

This focus was borne out of supporting millions of sites that currently run Gravity Forms. Supporting a software product that is used on millions of sites is not like supporting a software product that is used on thousands or even hundreds of thousands of sites.

We also have enterprise customers that rely on the product being rock solid far more than they rely on a product that is just concerned about cramming in as many features as possible.

We will be introducing major new features and changes next year. That is all I can say at this time.


:no_mouth: …well I guess you told us a thing or two, huh!

Greetings Carl,

I assume you are from GF? Thank you for adding your voice to this discussion.

…if you have to say this…

…fair enough, Can’t argue with that.

…understood. Note however, that you said primarily. Surely some consideration goes into these requests for additional features.

constantly?!? …a bit much, maybe. But OK,

Well, given your sales and commensurate user base (which you proudly point out), that kinda makes sense, doesn’t it? Also, given that we pony up a yearly licensing fee --which we are glad to do-- we should sort of expect that type of service …shouldn’t we? So …you know …good job!

Again, valid point. Also, Gravity Flow is pretty awesome! But also consider, some good ideas started out as plugins and wound up in core :wink:

I’m not an enterprise customer, but even for my teeny weeny little sites I too rely on the product being rock solid, so…

:unamused: …really? Consider…

How are you gonna criticize those of us who have made repeated requests, considering your own instruction to us is …

:unamused: …really? So if these things we are requesting are “not your priority” …why the heck are we to keep asking for them?

And further, if you rarely (if ever) respond to these requests and post no updates or roadmap, how can you not expect some of your clients to get frustrated for constantly asking for something you have no intention of doing? Especially if your view of us (peasants?) is that we only want GF to be …

In closing,

We are your customers. This practice of yours is confusing at best. Your response has some very good points, but it seems colored with a bit of “dont bother us with your boring requests, peasants!” Less of that attitude and more “we hear you, we get it, we’ll work on it” and “we’ll keep you posted”. …is that too much to ask? Please and thank you!

…anyway, I’m done with this topic.

Here’s wishing the Entire GF Team and it’s User Base a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season!


Uh oh. Just realized Carl Hancock is the big boss! I guess you do listen. Just know that we’re your customers, not your enemies our goal --even when griping-- is to make things better . Peace.


I could not said it any better, what’s wrong with this company… I’m getting so disappointed, i’m asking for many years for a small features. After freaking 5 years they are still not “concidered” while others are clearly asking for the same thing.

Start to be transparent and make your plugin awesome again, because it’s seems to be stuck in the year 1999…

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Be advised, my Edgy friend:

While I do believe Gravity Forms could improve on this “feature request” aspect of their services, I do not think they are …you know …the devil. Nor do I want my criticism to go too far down that road.

I still think they are hands down the best solution out there for forms management. Full Stop.

In fairness, after taking a longer look at their 3rd party ecosystem I must say …“it ain’t half bad”. Yes, there are some duds, but there are also quite a few gems. In the end, I could’ve built my own and further, Typewheel’s slider now works like a charm. I completely recommend it.

So while I do think a “refresh” of the form design patterns in core is in order and I do not relish the idea of too many add-ons. I must say, they do at least provide “options”.

So let’s extend them a bit of grace and see where this goes, eh?

Peace be unto you, my friend!