Gravity Forms modern form elements, added in the upcoming new GF?

  1. Is the logic systems also reworked?
  2. Supporting modern field elements** like a slider, toggle, stepper, etc.

The new UI of 2.5 looks modern and refreshing! This is looking really, really good! Nice job so far.

But are the main issues also fixed or do they come out any soon now?

1. Is the logic systems also reworked? Meaning, are we able to adjust a value to update a form for example, without that the conditions get broken like it’s now in the previous versions.

2. Supporting modern field elements** like a slider, toggle, stepper, icon/image selection etc. Those functions are still missing in update 2.5. Are they getting added soon?

I would like to build forms like this for example image select:

Does anyone have more info about those?
@SleeperTech - @uamv - @Neal_Ghoshal - @TEKFused - @chrishajer

For items 1 and 2, those have not been added to Gravity Forms. Now that 2.5 is out the door, the product team have some time to address other customer requests. If you have not already, please add that to our product roadmap. Click the blue :heavy_plus_sign: in the lower left on this page to add a note for our product team:

Thank you.

Cool that you now also have a roadmap!
I will add the toggle, stepper, icon/image selection etc. also, as I only see the slider atm?

Feel free to add as many as you like, in as many separate notes as you like. Some features don’t have a lot of traction, or may not have been accepted by the product team, so you may not see them in the product roadmap, but rest assured, we have all the requests.

In last update, i had to add this css code.
The arrow was not changing to a hand icon, when you hover over a submit button.

body .gform_footer .gform_button {
cursor: pointer!important;

Have you seen these plugins?

Yes, but this should be built-in for the price that we pay yearly. Otherwise, it’s better to put money into another product that has all the features. Like WPforms that comes out on a regular basis with new features. I’m paying for at least 7 years already (the Developers / Elite Licence, perhabs even longer. And in all that time nothing has changed until last year when quite some users started to complain.

I’m happy with the new drag and drop system and the new UI, though. But I really hope new features like those that will help a lot will roll out in the core of WP or as an addon depending on your licence.

Also Gravity Forms Tooltips WordPress Plugin by JetSloth why don’t you guys bring this out. All kind of usefull and userfriendly features.

As you could read, a lot of clients ask for modern form elements already.

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