Why doesn’t Gravity Forms support modern form elements? (Request since 2019)

As this topic from @SleeperTech is closed: https://community.gravityforms.com/t/why-doesnt-gravity-forms-support-modern-form-elements/3327

I’m forced to start a new thread. First of all, it is lovely to see that the Gravity forms team is working on their plugin. New website as well (more for marketing in my opinion) but hey they are rebuilding their brand, wicked! Thumbs up too @chrishajer and your team!

So as my renewal is upcoming I would like to have a straight answer. Are these features coming in the core plugin later this year (2022) or not?! A simple yes or no question. As I’m literally waiting since 2019 now and my business niche needs those features marked in bold for our upcoming projects. We can’t wait anymore for ages and keep paying for (we happy to pay though) but not if they are not coming out…

  1. A slider / stepper (yes / no ?) example: How to Add a Number Slider Field to WPForms
    Useful for tickets.
    1, 2, 3, etc… tickets
    1 or 2 hotel rooms

  2. Toggle option instead of radio buttons (yes / no?)
    Just for a more user-friendly experience, instead of the 1999 radio buttons style.

  3. Image choice form (yes / no) example: How to Add Image Choices to WPForms

To build a service form for a carwash for example.
Image outside car, interior cleaning, combo. More user friendly now-a-days then to work with text. Also handy for mobile device to tap the image to select your choice.

  1. Very useful to have Export entry notes too (yes / no)
  2. Very useful to have Multi currency support (yes / no)

I know there are third-party addons, and I tried but those that I tried don’t work well. And they don’t look great either out of the box. Especially know with the new UI of GF.

Then their is the ROADMAP

I received the email regarding GF 2.6 with a nice new feature regarding the submit button. Can be handy, but not really use full. The create advanced forms where I’m still waiting on to day and pay each year again.

  • Extras – Gravity Forms 2.6 also boasts further accessibility enhancements, a number of bug fixes, and other useful additions, ensuring the continued improvement of the plugin.

What are those *other useful additions?

As we use your plugin on our website www.runballrally.com to signup for the rally.
But we want to start rolling out new concepts and we need those features that we are begging for since 2019.

I hope the answer is yes! Thank you for taking your time for reading this!


Greetings @MYEDGY

I think your post asks questions that are quite reasonable. I hope you get a fair answer (without those glacial timeframes). Fingers Crossed!

p.s. I really like your website, Very nice!



Thank you. @SleeperTech

I Just read this article, I was stumbled to read even their competitors know this weakness.

I quote what they write in the article and it’s sad to say it’s a bit true.

Sadly, the same cannot be said about Gravity Forms. Yes, it does provide some cool features. But unfortunately, it’s not evolving much with time. When customers pay recurring fees for your product, they expect to see some substantial upgrades.

Is Gravity Forms too busy basking in success instead of developing the plugin, or is the champ getting tired? We wouldn’t know. But what we do know is that instead of heeding to customers’ needs themselves, they are somewhat encouraging other devs to develop Gravity Addons, which often cost more than the plugin itself.

…wow. That is an interesting article.

While I have to consider that it was written by a competitor, I found most of the analysis of the lack of modern form elements to be fair. To their credit, they clearly state where Gravity Forms shines and they give Gravity their due “props” for being a leader in the space (which they definitely are). Further, depending on your needs they are not at all hesitant to recommend Gravity Forms, even over their own product. Mad respect for that :+1:!

However, recently, it seems like they have not been bringing much to the table instead of other form builder plugins. This, combined with the decreasing value for the price, is causing many users to look for a Gravity Forms alternative.

Sometimes I agree with this completely, other times just to varying degrees. I guess it really depends on what you want to do with Gravity Forms. Further, if you are a programmer, you can really tweak Gravity Forms to do some nice custom things. They have a strong API, damn good documentation and a very helpful community with Moderators that truly help you out (shout out to @chrishajer who has been super helpful to me). Also others in the community are very helpful as well. I think there docs and the community is one of the best features of Gravity Forms.

The integrations are a plenty (if you have Elite) and with most of the addons I’ve used they have been pretty stable. Although to be fair, I went through pure hell getting them to address the glaring issues with the new PayPal Checkout Add-On.
And once they acknowledged the problem it took quite a while for them to put forth a fix (much too long, IMHO). They explained that they were “busy” rolling out their new shiney “something or another” and that was where there priority was, they got to me (peasant that I am) …after. They did eventually fix it, mostly but not completely, IMHO, but I guess I’m stuck with what I got. I’m certainly not going through that again.

And THAT (aside from my still valid complaint of a lack of modern form elements) is what really turned me off. When one has to go beyond the community and get support it can sometimes -not all the time- be like talking to Comcast support. And I’d rather eat nails than talk to Comcast support.

I understand why you are posting this follow-up, because although they originally declared that …

“We will not publish an external agenda”. (said here)

Which I translated as Goodfella’s speak for (“You want shiney new form elements, do ya? Eff-you, Pay Me!”)

But they eventually DID put forth a RoadMap …or sorts. Note that you cannot see how many people voted for a particular item, so you have no insight into what are the most popular requests are or not. It completely lacks any transparency and so unless something has recently changed, the RoadMap is more of a “pacifier” than a RoadMap (again, IMHO). But at least they did that! Score one for the peasants!

Further, even the “big cheese” chimed in to reassure us that they heard our complaints, but IMHO that didn’t go so well. Felt like he kinda talked down to his own customers (who you callin a peasant?!?).

He sorta reminded me of the King from Hamilton singing …

You’ll be back, soon you’ll see
You’ll remember you belong to me
You’ll be back, time will tell
You’ll remember that I served you well
Oceans rise, empires fall
We have seen each other through it all
And when push comes to shove
I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love!"
Da da da dat da, dat da da da da ya da

So let me conclude before I get into even more trouble, I wish you well in getting a fair response. We are all watching as well. If by chance you wind up in the gallows, we will take up a collection and petition “the King” on your behalf.

Till then sing along, peasants!

Da da da dat da, dat da da da da ya da

Your friend and a loyal subjec …er… customer,

p.s. Gravity Perks? Whole different story. Those guys are flat out awesome and are always willing to help! Worth the investment!


Any more news from the devs?

I also noticed this recent made tutorial, but this is not a solution… How to… Add Images to a Form (using Gravity Forms)

That third party addon I’ve tried but isn’t working really nice. This basic fields should be baked into the core, as like an easy way to use tooltips, without to need to buy for 2K of extra addons.

If you are asking me, unfortunately (but predictably), no news on my end.


I don’t agree that GF should provide these, my 2 cents.

  1. There are plenty of slider add-ons out there that work excellently, why should this be core?
  2. Toggle is not an HTML form element. It’s just a radio button styled with CSS, so you can do that yourself and retain full control. Adding a toggle field would be confusing imho.
  3. Image choice - is similarly not an HTML form element. It’s just a radio button or checkbox with additional markup.

@devs any response possible :slight_smile: We are asking for this for a while now and those requests are just sitting on your roadmap. I’ve sponsored GF for another extra year now, so I hope it will be implemented this year :slight_smile:

I tried to plugin but is doesn’t work the way they promote it. You still have todo a lot of custom. We use GF for all our events, and ticket sales… would be so easy if those things where build in with a nice frontview design standard. I’m almost beg the devs to take action for this.

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