Create a Native Gravity Forms Elementor Widget

It would be nice to have an official Gravity forms elementor widget. Elementor is a leading page builder being used by an increasing number of websites. Currently, we have to rely on third-party plugins that offer this functionality. Unfortunately, those plugins do not always correctly implement Gravity forms, or come with a lot of extra code that just bloats our websites.

It would be nice to have Gravity forms Elementor widget which would allow us to:

  • Style the fields (border, padding, font)
  • Style the placeholder (font)
  • Style the Submit, Next and Back Buttons (Background, Icon, Font, Padding, Border, Width, Positioning)
  • Style the Success Message (Font)

Thank you in advance,


This is the only reason I’ve waited so long to purchase GF, we need native styling to make this the go-to choice, period.

This would be really nice to have. I’ve tried about 8 different plugins that add a GF widget to Elementor and none of them show forms which use conditional logic.

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