Create a Native Gravity Forms Elementor Widget

It would be nice to have an official Gravity forms elementor widget. Elementor is a leading page builder being used by an increasing number of websites. Currently, we have to rely on third-party plugins that offer this functionality. Unfortunately, those plugins do not always correctly implement Gravity forms, or come with a lot of extra code that just bloats our websites.

It would be nice to have Gravity forms Elementor widget which would allow us to:

  • Style the fields (border, padding, font)
  • Style the placeholder (font)
  • Style the Submit, Next and Back Buttons (Background, Icon, Font, Padding, Border, Width, Positioning)
  • Style the Success Message (Font)

Thank you in advance,


This is the only reason I’ve waited so long to purchase GF, we need native styling to make this the go-to choice, period.

This would be really nice to have. I’ve tried about 8 different plugins that add a GF widget to Elementor and none of them show forms which use conditional logic.

Just purchased an elite license today and the lack of this one integration may be the cause of a refund request :frowning: --I may need to revisit Ninja forms, which coincidentally are selling at 50% off at the moment…

I added my comments to your other topic here already @SmallBizWhiz

I ask that anyone interested in similar functionality consider adding their feedback there.

+1 from me for this feature

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