Use Elementor (instead of Gravityform custom css classes) to layout forms

I love Elementor and it’s ease to define layouts - just like >3’000’000 (rising…) other Elementor users. I’d love to see this flexibility in defining layouts used by Gravity forms:

I imagine designing the layout of my Gravity forms within Elementor. Right now, forms are added through shortcode, and the complete layout (order and alignment of form fields) has to be done using custom css clases in the field’s settings.

The alternative could work like this:

I would like to add the fields of a form like an Elementor widget, either dragging and dropping them from a list of all available fields, or selecting them like the “dynamic” content (post titles and other elements) from within a widget. I would thus be able to arrange (order) all fields and format them individually, using settings in Elementor.

Custom CSS defined in the field’s definition themselves would be the default but overridden by anything defined in Elementor.


This would be awesome.