Elementor Conflicts in 2020?

Hi. I’m not having an issue yet, but I’m considering using my Gravity Forms plugin on a client website instead of Contact Form 7. However, I watched a video from January 2020 showing it working flawlessly, but in the comments (4 days ago) I saw this:

Gravity Forms no longer supports Elementor integration

Is this true or just some kind of prank? Please let me know. I really want to use GF on this project.


Hello @samsaysyo - Gravity Forms has never supported Elementor directly. You can use Gravity Forms with Elementor just fine. Shortcodes and Widgets both work. There are third party solutions to integrate Gravity Forms and Elementor, but we don’t recommend any or vouch for them.

I did see this recently (mentioned in a Facebook ad):

Maybe that will better suit your needs at this time?

Thanks, Chris
I’ll give them a try.


This is why you guys get my business though, this was helpful and selfless towards your company.

Thanks for the compliment Thomas. We’re happy to have you. Let us know if you need anything.

UPDATE: I see now that you started a topic! I’ll take a look there now.

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