Conflict between Gravity Forms and Elementor Plugin

Hi everyone,

I am redesigning a website on another hosting account while the main website is still running on its own hosting account. I am using a Gravity form which is being used successfully on the orignal website and it was working fine when I tested it three weeks ago. Today however when I went to test the Gravity form I noticed that every time I selected a check box on the form a page would open in a new window and I would be taken to the Cart page on the original website. There are about 10 or more check boxes on this form and the same thing happens everytime.

I then decided to deactivate the Elementor Plugin and the issue went away. When I reactivated the Elementor plugin again the problem came back.

My question is firstly even if there is a conflict between Gravity forms and Elementor why is a new window opening taking me back to the Cart page on the original website every time I select one of the check boxes in the Gravity form?

Secondly what can I do to resolve this issue? And is there any known conflicts between the Gravity form plugin and the Elementor plugins?

Many thanks.

Gravity Forms doesn’t include any built-in integration or support for Elementor, only the default WordPress editor is supported out of the box.

So as you have found already that disabling Elementor resolves the issue, you will want to investigate further Elementor side of things.

If you have any third-party plugin for Elementor adding a Gravity Forms widget, you will want to try disabling it and just adding the form shortcode to an Elementor Text widget.

If the issue persists when using Elementor + Gravity Forms without any other third-party plugins enabled. Then you will want to reach Elementor support for further assistance.

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