Unable to create new form and save button is not working in Gravity form

I made some forms in Gravity a few days ago, but now unable to create new forms and the save button is not working in Gravity form. I applied different solutions from here but not working, like clearing cache, and tried a different browser, enabled conflict mode etc

Hi Obaid,

If I’m not wrong, you’ve posted the issue on the Facebook group and me, Billy and Dennis replied you. Have you able to resolved the issue following our direction?

Please keep me posted about the outcome. Thank you :+1:

Im having the same issue. Seems to be an Elementor conflict. Did you find a solution?

You can refer to the article below to begin troubleshooting the form. In summary, disable all third-party plugins and switch back to the “Twenty Twenty-Four” theme to see if the issue persists. If not, enable your plugins one by one to identify the cause.

Otherwise, open a support ticket here: https://www.gravityforms.com/open-support-ticket/technical/

I did that. It is Elementor.

Elementor support told me it is not compatible with Gravirty forms.

As quick workaround, you can follow any of the following steps:

  1. Disable the Elementor and create a new form, then reactive Elementor.

  2. Create a new form on your sandbox website and then export/import it on the production site, following the article below.

Follow this tutorial to create a free sandbox website in just a minute.

OK. I will try that. Not an ideal long-term worklflow though.

Thank you for both of the responses. Have a good night.

Is the ElementsKit plugin installed? Another customer reported an issue like this earlier, and they found deactivating that plugin resolved their issues. They were going to report the issue to the plugin developer, so hopefully they will fix which pages the ElementsKit scripts are included on.

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