Gravity forms with Elementor Hello theme

I am not able to create a form with the Hello theme, cannot drag elements. I have to use the Twenty Twenty Two theme and then go back to the Hello theme after.

Hello @raelorg. It sounds like there is a JavaScript conflict with the Hello theme or Elementor. I recommend reporting that to the theme developer to see if they have a resolution. Thank you.

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There is an issue with Gravity Forms and Elementor. We’ve been using both for years and in the last 7 months all of our sites have been conflicting. Elementor editor does not work when Gravity Forms is enabled. We have to deactivate it each time we need to make a change.

Getting to the point where we may need to change Gravity Forms.

We have a conflict with Elementor and Gravity Forms too which didn’t allow to use calculations in forms, since Elementor is mandatory for our projects and couldn’t replace it, we hired a developer and he found that Elementor and Gravity Forms uses the same variable. Since Elementor created it first Gravity Forms couldn’t and didn’t work the way it should be.
These are located in gravity.js and gravity.min.js here it is and the line where it is located:
WhatsApp Image 2022-11-22 at 13.43.24
PLEASE GRAVITY FORMS take note of it, since it affects a huge base of developers using Elementor and your plugin, so the next release its fixed.

Hi @Aryentain - can you please open a support ticket with your findings and include the symptoms that were occurring before you fixed the conflict? Be sure to include your system status report as well (instructions) so we can get all your software versions.

Thank you for the research.

Open a support ticket here:

I am still stuck with this problem. To make a modification, I constantly have to clone my website, change the theme, then make the modification and use export/import.
Elementor says the problem is not on their side and he closes the request (I tried 4 times).
I need to create a new form with a Product field. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to access the Settings for this type of field. I tried with Twenty-Twenty-Two, Twenty Nineteen and Twenty-Twenty-Three.
I disabled all plugins except Gravity Forms and same problem.
So completely stuck this time.

Can anybody tell if this issue has been solved - I have a new website built on Elementor and I have Memberpress - but to allow a more Robust sign up and use Gravitypress plug-in - I was going to purchase an Elite license - but with the looming issues described in this thread - I may have to keep with formidable forms and use an API intragretor …
Which will require a big dollar upgrade on Memberpress license. Would appreciate any updates

It’s disappointing that Elementor doesn’t do anything to fix this problem. The Gravity Forms editor doesn’t work with Elementor but on the other hand it works fine with all the other themes I’ve tried.
Contacting Elementor support is frustrating as they close the ticket and say to contact Gravity Forms. I tried 4 times. The reality is that you have to work in another environment with a theme other than Elementor and use the export-import functions to transfer your form.

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