Gravity forms widget

My Gravity Forms widget is not showing up in Elementor. I have been able to create a form but when I go to embed it in my page, there is no Gravity form widget in the panel. It is activated and I downloaded the zip file from the Gravity Form website.

There are multiple ways of embedding a Gravity Forms form, even when you cannot find a Gravity Forms widget:

I recommend contacting Elementor for assistance with this issue if you need more assistance.

That’s exactly what I did. The other forms work but not this particular one.

Hi Jacqueline. If you have not already, I recommend opening a separate support ticket for this issue. These community forums are not support forums, and you’ll get a quicker answer from Gravity Forms support normally:

I was able to add my Gravity Form to a Wordpress page that I was editing with Elementor. There are two ways of doing this, as far as I know: the first is to download the (free) Essential Add-Ons for Elementor. One of the EA widgets is a Gravity Forms widget, which allows you to embed your Gravity Form on a page.

The second method is to embed a shortcode with the Elementor Shortcode widget. The shortcode will look something like

[gravityform id="< a whole number>" title="" description=""]

When you first create a Gravity Forms form, the ID is displayed to you. Otherwise, for an existing form for which you don’t have the id, the id can be found in the Wordpress MySQL database that backs your site, in the table that contains Gravity Forms metadata. If you are comfortable with phpAdmin, you should be able to track down the form id.

No one ever said this was easy!