Make Dependent Conditional Logic Warning More Useful

This form contains conditional logic dependent upon this choice. Are you sure you want to modify this choice? ‘OK’ to delete, ‘Cancel’ to abort.

Although receiving the above warning is helpful, it would be MUCH more helpful if it listed which fields “contain conditional logic dependent upon this choice”.

Related to this feature request, if the warning lists field ID #s (likely the most concise way of listing the fields which are dependent upon this choice), then it would be really helpful if the field ID #s weren’t only visible when a specific field is select. Having all the field ID #s visible would allow the user to use the browser’s text search feature to find the affected fields.

We were just talking about this feature when discussing an upcoming release. I’ll add your vote.

Any progress on this feature? I’m running into this issue again while updating one of my forms.

I don’t want to break the conditional logic but it is hard to see the interdependencies if you update a form annually or manage multiple forms.

No progress to report at this time. I’ll make sure the feature is not forgotten.