Make a field required it another field is selected [RESOLVED]

Hi GF community.

I’ve searched but not been able to find a solution that I am trying to adjust in an existing order form:

Is it possible to make a field ‘required’ if another field is selected?
Example: If an item is ordered (qty 1+) then make another field required.

Balloons = 1 then required choice: Small / Medium / Large.

I think I ca make more than 1 field required based on the same item field (just checking my logic)

Lastly, does conditional logic allow me to do this? (I don’t need Show/Hide).

Conditional logic can’t make a field required or not, but, you can make that dependent field required, and show or hide is based on the other field. If it remains hidden, even though it is required, the form can be submitted without error. When it is shown, because it is required, it must be completed before the form can be submitted. This is the normal usage for conditional logic (show/hide a field when necessary based on another choice.) If you need more help configuring that, please let us know.

Hey Chris

As always your response is most helpful!

Can I enable this field to be shown based on a qty entry in another?

When I enable conditional logic and then look to add the condition the specific field I need is not in the drop downs.

Specifically I have radio button which I would like to appear when a product is selected.

Hi Howard. I see that you opened a support ticket and received an answer for this already. I’ll share the answer here for the benefit of others:

The default quantity inputs are not supported by conditional logic. To setup conditional logic based on quantities you need to:

  1. Disable the quantity input on the product.
  2. Add a Quantity field mapped to it:

Then you will be able to create conditional logic rules based on the quantity fields.