Product Fields are not a Conditional Logic choice

First up…

I have a User Defined Pricing field. I also have a Coupon field. I want Conditional Logic to show the Coupon Field only if the Pricing field is not $0. However, Product fields aren’t showing up in the list of fields to choose from. Why?

Secondly, why is (from the documentation for Conditional Logic) “configuring conditional logic to display or hide a field based on its own values is not supported”? If I want to show a field based on populating it from JavaScript or from another field, why can’t we choose itself for a rule? Any other ways?

Product fields are not currently available for use in conditional logic. Also, basing conditional logic on the same field is not supported. We have an open item to improve the conditional logic, but this is not currently possible using build in Gravity Forms functionality. I will leave this open in case someone has an idea on how to approach this.

I’m guessing I need to use JavaScript or JQuery to show/hide CSS elements by ID manually?

Yes, test if the first condition true else show the other input.