Option Pricing Fields Should be Automatically Hidden with "Parent" Product Field

I want to reemphasize a feature request I initially raised with Gravity Forms Support approximately 2 years ago:

Option fields are always mapped to a Product field. Why are they not automatically conditionally displayed (ie. if the product field is hidden, why aren’t the associated option fields automatically hidden as well?).

Conditional Logic is resource heavy, so not only would this be the expected behaviour, I think it also has potential performance benefits:

I found the feature request and added another vote for you. It is not in development and there are currently no plans to implement it. Thank you for following up.

Are there any cases where the current behaviour is preferable (ie. where one wouldn’t want a Product field’s related Option fields to be automatically hidden if the Product field is hidden)?

I can’t think of any. I know you can add the options and quantity field with conditional logic as well, but I agree it would be smarter if they linked products, quantity and option fields were all hidden at the same time.