Conditional Logic Issue. Unable to Display Field using Checkbox Selection

Hello. I have a form with a Pricing > Option field containing 4 checkbox items.

I am trying to get another field to conditionally display if, say, checkbox fields 3 & 4 are checked.

The conditional logic works if I use a Radio field for product selection but I need to be able to select more than one item, hence my need for checkboxes.

Let me know if you have any insights or questions to my particular issue. Thank you for your time and any information you may be able to provide me with!

The eventual goal is to display another product field calculation which discounts the total by $X should all four checkboxes be selected. I would just use the “Select All” checkbox field but that doesn’t even appear as an option from the Conditional menu. Not sure if its me or my Gravity Forms installation. I’ve already ran the “re-build database” option within the Support menu for Gravity Forms. I’ve even tried deactivating a number of plugins and checked my functions.php file for any potentially conflicting checkbox functions. It appears as though we cannot use product > option checkboxes as conditional logic options.

Hi Manny. We have an issue open with the product team regarding conditional logic not currently working when based on product options fields. We will let you know as soon as they have a solution in place. At this time, we are not aware of any workaround outside of using a standard-type field.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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That is actually a relief. I spent several hours over the course of days unable to figure out if it was me, the server, or something else. At least now I know. Thank you Chris.

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