Conditional logic on labels and not fields

I have made some pricing forms using Gravity forms and have conditional logic depending on what is required. And they work fine.
Problem is if I need to update the prices, and there are a lot of options, I have to go through all of the conditional items again and do them all again because i changed the values. This is a whole days work per form and i have about 10 forms.

So ideally i would like the conditional logic to be based on the labels and not the values. Is this possible. Is there an addon that makes this possible?

I don’t know of a solution to change the conditional logic to rely on the labels instead of the values, but I do know that JetSloth has a ‘bulk edit’ plugin for Gravity Forms available and perhaps that can help you too:

Another possible way I thought of: how are you using the conditional logic at this moment? I mean, if you’d have selects (or checkboxes / radio fields etc.) you could display a price-field based on the selected option of those fields. That way you could update the product (price) fields, without having to think about the underlying conditional logic.

For example: I have a Gravity Forms quote form on my website. The first field is a radio-select which displays the corresponding product field:

With linking all other conditional stuff to the radio-selects instead of the prices, I’m able to change the prices a lot easier.

That being said: I have no idea how your forms are built, nor the logic behind your current conditional logics in them. So perhaps a solution like this wouldn’t be an option for your forms.

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Thank you.
I’m going to have a go at that bulk editor.
If I understand your second point, do you mean for every option it would have its own price field (if the price is unique)? so selecting that option enable that value.
If that is what you mean the issue i have is there are 10 fields, each with at least 10 options, most with unique values so i would need a 100 price fields which may add too much complexity to the form.

But its a good suggestion i may try out on a smaller form.

Thank yo

Can you share screenshots of how you have configured the various fields you are basing your conditional logic on?

Unfortunately the bulk edit plugin doesn’t deal with conditional logic so unfortunately was not helpful.

Here are images of one field with the values, and another field with the conditional logic.

Why isn’t field 32 configured as a product, so you can use the label, value AND price?


Ok that was dumb of me. Was not aware of the product option.
The form evolved from a non instant pricing system and i tagged on the values when I should have just started over again.

Thank you for that.

No problem. I hope that works out for you.

It is exactly what i was looking for so thank you for that, unfortunately it has created some new issues.
It sends the price of each field along with the label to Zapier which goes to our ticket system which the customer can see. before it would just send the label.

I’d rather the customer not see a breakdown of the pricing. Also the All fields shows pricing as well. If I manually add each field it doesn’t but it is an added workload.

You can filter the all_fields merge-tag to remove the elements you don’t want added :slight_smile:

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