Pricing base on conditional logic


We’re using gravity forms along with woocommerce to capture order data.

Now we have a somewhat unique issue and we were wondering if there is a way to solve it without making a huge and slow loading form.

Basically our clients have access to a spreadsheet with IDs from 1-1000, each ID represents a product and each product has a different price.

So ID1 = 100$, ID2 = 129$, ID3= 49$ etc.

Now would it be possible to create a gravity form that uses conditional logic without adding 1000 product fields? Preferrably we want a client to enter the ID in a number field and via conditional logic the product field is prepopulated with the respective price. Something like:

IF number field is = 1 then product field price = 100$
IF number field is = 2 then product field price = 129$

Is something like this do-able?

Can you add a single product field, configured as a dropdown, with all 1000 products there, with the product ID, description and price? If so, you can use the “bulk add” feature to add all those products to the field at one time. If this will work for you and you need assistance setting it up, please let us know.