Price rule into woocommerce

Hi, I use Gravity form into woocommerce.
I would like add price rule into my forms as
Product A 100€ - Product B 100€
Total 200€ (Now for A and B)
But I need
If customer buy 2 products Total is 150€
Thank you for your help

If you’re talking about two different WooCommerce products (A and B in your example), I would recommend you to contact the author of the add-on that you’re using to integrate the forms into products for advice. Gravity Forms doesn’t provide any built-in integration for WooCommerce, therefore the integration is completely handled by the third-party add-on you have installed.

If you’re talking about Gravity Forms Product fields, Gravity Forms doesn’t provide conditional pricing support out of the box, but maybe the following third-party add-on created by one of our certified developers could help: GP Conditional Pricing - Gravity Wiz

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