Price calculations based on checkboxes choice

I have created a form in the Wordpress plugin Gravity Forms, with a product. The price of the product is calculated depending on the selected checkboxes.
For example, if I choose box 1, the product costs 150 €, if I choose box 2, the product costs 130 €. If I choose both boxes at the same time, the product will cost 180 €.
Unfortunately, I have not yet found what I was looking for. Can I already do this with Gravity Forms, e.g. with gform_product_total or other JS code or do I need tools like Gravity Forms Conditional Pricing from GravityWiz?
Thanks a lot!

Hi Christian,

This should be possible with the GP Conditional Pricing Perk. You will set up different pricing rules for the different possible selections using the Conditional Pricing Perk, and it will set the product price based on the selections made. I see you already have a ticket with us at Gravity Wiz, so if you have any questions, you can reply to that ticket.


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