Multiple product choice order form keeping a running "total"

Hi, I am new to Gravity Forms and have been struggling with creating an order form for an event that has (1) MULTIPLE CHOICE and MULTIPLE QUANTITY on those choices requirements. For example, Adult vs Kid tickets with separate prices and quantities for each. My trouble is when I use conditional logic to show/not show dropdowns, when I toggle to other choice it zeros out the first selection on the order’s total. I realize that I can make them individual choices and accomplish this total price, but I am trying to make a cleaner form for online registration for older users. Our demographic for our non-profit is 65 and older and I’m trying to drag them into the 21st Century with online registration instead of mail in.

I bought Conditional Pricing from GravityWiz thinking that was what I needed, but maybe I am barking up the wrong tree with this whole idea of simplicity

ANY help is very much appreciated!

  • Elizabeth not Jane (we’re the younger volunteers in the bunch lol)

Hi Elizabeth. Is this form online where we can take a look at how it is set up?

Chris (Gravity Forms) chrishajer
September 13

Hi Elizabeth. Is this form online where we can take a look at how it is set up?

Hi Chris - After much trial and error, I found that my problem was my choice for the “option” as a dropdown and not a “check box” to keep it active. Never give up! Isn’t that what Churchill said? I’m sure we’ll be back asking more questions later. Again, thank you so much for your offer. Until next time - Elizabeth

I think that was Churchill :slight_smile:

I’m glad you found that. On to the next portion of the project now!

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