How to get a freight franco with conditionnal ? (or other option)

Hey everyone,

I have an order form listing.

For this, I use the products fields (which have quantity and price).

Then, I have a freight cost to inform to my customer.

I have created two options :

  • first, 6€ when less than a quantity of 17 product bought (same price for all)
  • second, 0€ when more than a qty of 17 products bought

… but it does not work at it seems that the quantity field is not recognized. :confused:

Any solution please ?

Thanks & BR,


Here is the solution : Enable Use of the Total Field with Conditional Logic - Gravity Forms

But… it does not really work. :confused:

It’s not easy to help with form setup without having access to the form itself. If you can put your form export .json file somewhere I could take a look at your form setup.

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for your help.
I have contacted the support directly :slight_smile:

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