Conditional Logic for Ecommerce Form Template

Hi there,
I’m new to this community and say hello to everybody.
Bought me Gravity Forms 2 days ago and use the “Ecommerce Form Template” to get into forms.
As in the demo available at:

One immediately got a “Sub total” according to the selected quantity of a product.

How can I use the value of the “Sub total” with Conditional Logic to hide or show fields on the next pages?
That is preselecting a particular “Shipping”-method?

Hope to reading a reply and say many thanks

Hi Selim. The total field is not available for use in conditional logic on the form, and there is no subtotal field in Gravity Forms by default.

Can you base your conditional logic on the quantity of product purchased or some other field in the form?

Many thanks for your reply.

I’m much further with using Gravity Forms and started to create custom code in order to formulate code for custom fields.

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