Conditionally Display Field Based on "Total" Product Field Output


I am working with a product that has 720 possible option combinations spread across 6 main categories of options. I can easily copy and paste the options and an associated price value into their respective dropdowns / radios. Awesome! Furthermore, I can use the “Total” pricing field to sum up all the selected values. Also awesome!

However, when it comes time to checkout, I would like to display a checkout button that links to our ecommerce solution ( based on their total. There would be 720 total checkout buttons. From my understanding, this would mean I need to setup 720 new fields and then setup their 6 possible product option combinations in the conditional logic UI under the “Advanced” tab. Oof, not awesome!

Oooor, what would be fantastic, would be to setup 720 new fields and set a single conditional logic parameter that says “If Total = ### then show”.

The big issue here is that I can copy and paste HUGE option lists with ease into Gravity Forms (Same with setting up a HUGE number of products in my ecommerce solution via import), but the conditional logic has to be done manually and is, obviously, susceptible to human error.

Any ideas or advice other than “Don’t make a mistake”?

Does not support some sort of dynamic checkout button where the total could be specified in the URL of the button? Do you have an example of what the checkout button looks like? And are you syncing any 1ShoppingCart data with the GF entry after it is paid?


No, they do not support a dynamic checkout URL / button.

The checkout URL is a merchant ID and a product ID like so:

No, no data is being shared between GF and 1SC. While sub-optimal, it is the ecommerce system I have been tasked to work with.

So, I will create 720 unique products in 1SC, each unique product has its own URL. Therefore, from my understanding and without any dynamic population, I will need to create 720 unique gravity form fields with unique conditional logic parameters based on the possible combinations of product options in the GF such that for any one combination of product options, only one 1SC link is displayed.

A “Conditional Logic” import would be great as it may speed me up a bit. But from my perspective I have to do those 720 unique conditional logic combos manually. I appreciate your time. Any other advice / suggestions (other than “Don’t use 1SC” lol)