Conditional Logic not working in a weird way

Hey folks,
I have a weird issue on my website appearing if i try to use conditional logic:
I have e.g. three radio-buttons. If I click on the second a simple text field should appear.
What is happening:
If i click on the 2nd radio button nothing happens. I need to click back again on another one and back to the 2nd and the textfield appears. BUT the textfield is disabled and I am not able to enter any text.
Would be amazing, if anyone had this issue aswell and found a solution.

The Form works perfectly in the form-preview.

The fact that it works in the form preview leads me to believe it’s a theme or plugin conflict on the site, rather than the form being set up incorrectly. You can use these steps to check for conflicts:

I recommend opening a support ticket if you need any assistance: