Conditional logic options not visible in my forms [RESOLVED]

Hi everyone, in my site I have a few forms I created a few years ago where you can purchase event tickets. I used conditional logic to be able to select the kind of ticket for each event form. Today I needed to create a new one and simply duplicated an existing form to use as a starting point.
I noticed that the field options on the right didn’t show the conditional logic section anylonger. This happens for all the forms I created in the past. I tried disabling all the non critical WP plugins, but it didn’t change. I used another browser (Opera) instead of Chrome. Nothing again.
I tried looking for similar problems here in the forum but couldn’t find any discussion.
Does anyone have any clue?
Is it a known problem (the version is the latest available and WP and all other plugins are updated).
What’s happening?

Hi Stefano. Because your form uses conditional logic it has an inline style of display:none applied before Gravity Forms can determine which portions of the form to show. If your page has any JavaScript errors, they can prevent the Gravity Forms scripts from running, and when those scripts can’t run the inline display:none style can’t be removed.

Please begin troubleshooting by checking for theme and plugins conflicts. You can use the troubleshooting mode provided by the WordPress team official Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin. It will allow you to perform the test by disabling things for you as logged in administrator and will not affect your website visitors. Please check the following documentation page for detailed instructions:

If you’re using any caching/minify system like a plugin, a CDN (e.g. CloudFlare) or a server module (e.g. Varnish), please make sure to flush the cache and turn off caching/minify completely until the end of the issue resolution to avoid false positives due to cached resources. Please let us know what you find out. Thank you.

Hi Chris,

For your information, it seems the culprit was the plugin “Gravity Forms Directory” by Katz Web Services, Inc.

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