Conditional logic breaks the Gravity Form block in WP 6.1 and hides the form

Hi, I just updated a project to WP 6.1, using Gravity Forms 2.6.7.

I applied conditional login to the last field in the form to only show if the checkbox before it was ticked.

The ‘preview’ option shows the basic form working fine, but enabling conditional logic kills the form in the block editor, it can no longer show it in the page edit screen, we just get the form select menu and the form itself gets ‘display:none’ applied as an inline style on the ‘gform_wrapper’ on the published page.

All is fine until conditional logic is applied, if you disable the conditional logic the problem remains, to get the form back you have to maually add a new one and rebuild it.

Only a few other plugins being used, all premium, happens both locally and on live site.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Many thanks!

When conditional logic on the page fails to work, that is normally because of a JavaScript error on the page, preventing Gravity Forms scripts from running and showing the form.

First, be sure you have cleared any cache after updating to WordPress 6.1. If that does not help the issue, please perform a conflict test:

If you still need assistance, please open a support ticket:

Thanks Chris, I disabled all other plugins to be sure, no caching being used, but the issue remains, brief demo video: Screenshot-kYIkjmYo

No console errors, display:none set on the form wrapper and block editor won’t show the form.

I’ll raise a support ticket.