Changed behavior? Or I have something wrong? Conditional logic on required field

So, the latest version of Gravity (2.5.2) running on WordPress 5.7.2 is behaving strangely for me on this one form, on this one site. (Note, I have GF running on another site with a VERY similar form and conditional logic with no issues)

This is a sponsorship form, which accepts a donation. Some of these are big ticket amounts, so we offer the option to “invoice them” rather than collect via credit card.

Make sense so far?

I created a conditional on the CC element, that says if they selected the “invoice me” option, hide the CC field. Please note the CC field is required. In the past, when you had a required field but then hid it, form validation did NOT hang on the missing field.

Now however, it is attempting to send the credit card data, which is missing, to the payment gateway (Stripe). Renders a “Unable to authorize card. No response from Stripe.js” error in the validation. Which I can ONLY see if I uncheck the “invoice me” option.

I’m hoping this was just an overlooked condition by Gravity Forms on the new version. Any hints? Help? Suggestions?

The client wants this behavior rather than two forms, one for invoice request and another to actually donate via credit card.

I do have the form NOT as a legacy form. I’ve recreated it from scratch. I imported from another site and edited (three different forms) and all three fail.

Thanks in advance for any help.


keywords: stripe.js, required fields, conditional logic

Additional Info:

On this post, Chris says:

“Conditional logic can’t make a field required or not, but, you can make that dependent field required, and show or hide is based on the other field. If it remains hidden, even though it is required, the form can be submitted without error. When it is shown, because it is required, it must be completed before the form can be submitted. This is the normal usage for conditional logic (show/hide a field when necessary based on another choice.) If you need more help configuring that, please let us know.” – which I know to be true in previous versions.

In fact, I use this on several different sites successfully. This is why I’m thinking it might be related to the latest version.

Hi Cenay. Be sure that your Stripe feed has the same conditional logic on it, so that the feed does not run when you did not collect any credit card information (because the credit card field was hidden.) Please let us know if that fixes the issue for you. Thank you.

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Quick update on this…I’ve setup as suggested, and it’s not working. I recorded (3 min) a video showing the setup, and the problem.

Appreciate any help!


Hi @Cenay - please open a support ticket for this issue if you still need assistance:

Thank you.