Error Validation Message Red Background Appears on Credit Card Field that has Stripe Feed Conditional Logic

Hi There,

I am using the latest version of Gravity forms and I was setting up a new form today with a Stripe feed and Stripe CC field. I have 2 subscriptions setup (year, month) and I have 2 feeds setup to execute conditionally depending on the subscription option chosen.

For some reason, by default, the error validation message background (red section) appears below the credit card field with no message, even with all the fields filled out correctly.This only happens when I have the conditional logic active on the stripe feeds.

The form submits fine, but I think it may confuse the user or cause concern that the form is buggy or not secure.

The form is located here: Community Connections Networking Group Member Form | Gun Lake Business Association

(click on the consent checkbox to reveal the subscription options)

Hi Pixelvine. That is a known issue with the Stripe Add-On version 4.0 (if that is what you are using.) The 4.0.1 version contains a fix for that:

Fixed an issue where an empty validation message appears as soon as a customer types in the credit card field.

You can use these instructions to manually update your Stripe Add-On.

If you need more assistance with that, please open a support ticket.