Gravity form wont show credit card field

I’ve tried everything and 100% positive everything is connected ok to stripe and correct Signing secret webhooks are being used, but I cannot get the credit card field to load at all.

Hi Matthew. For payment related issues, I always recommend a support ticket first:

Thank you.

Hi Matthew, I am having the same issue with the Square add-on. Did you find a resolution? My client is trying to have clients register for a class on Sunday, and cannot take their payment. And now, support is closed for the weekend!

I’m having a similar problem. My Square add-on payment field is currently showing ‘The credit card field will initiate once the payment condition is met’, but it was all working fine and I haven’t changed anything. It also seems to be an intermittent issue as I’m still getting some payments through?

For anyone else experiencing this same issue, here is the reply I received from GF support:

There is a known issue wherein the Square Field Card Details will not render properly when conditional logic exists on other form fields – unless the Square Field also has conditional logic rules applied to it. This issue has been reported to our product team so they can investigate further.

In the meantime, you should be able to resolve the issue by setting a conditional rule on the Square Field that will always match – eg. [Show if All // Email // IS NOT //].

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Eric, did the above recommended fix from GF resolve it for you? It did not for me.

Hi @motografik - I recommend opening a support ticket for your issue, as it has been a couple months since this original topic, and the add-on and Gravity Forms have changed since then. because each site is different, we’d like to look into the issues with your specific setup. Thank you.

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