Square Credit Card Field Missing

The form was working for a long time (least a year). It stopped working around Nov 8,2022.
Issue: The field for the credit card number is not showing.
Versions: GF: 2.6.8. Square add on - 1.7
Tried the following:
Checked for any conditional field - None are conditional.
Viewed on the GF Preview - same problem.
Disabled all plugins (except GF and Addon); changed to generic Wordpress 2021 theme. - Did not fix.
Disconnected and reconnected to Square under Form > Settings > Square
No error messages appear.
Site and Form Page: https://slteletherapy.com/test-square-transaction/

I’m not able to replicate the issue in a default WordPress installation with only Gravity Forms and the Square add-on enabled. So it seems to be something tied to your site or server setup. I tried to check the page URL provided, but the site is returning a 404 - not found error.

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