Gravity Square 1.7 (field not rendering)

We are having an issue after upgrading from gravity forms square V1.6 to V1.7. The card details field does not render in the front end. It is interesting because in the builder (form editor) we can see the card details field just fine. There are no JS errors in the console and the debug log does not contain any error information as to why the field is not rendered.

Gravity Forms version is also set to the latest.

What are some trouble shooting steps that we can do from here to figure this out?

Hi Steve,

If the payment form is rendering on the back-end but not the front-end, that’s usually an indication that your front-end page is being cached.

Caching has been known to cause multiple issues and is not intended for payment pages. It can also give you false positives during troubleshooting. So I would recommend you to start by excluding the form page URL from cache. You’ll need to check your Caching documentation for your website or server host to determine how to exclude pages from the cache.

Once the page has been excluded from cache, empty your browser cache, and reload the page.

If the issue persists after the above, I would recommend performing a conflict test. Due to the nature of the issue, the conflict test should be performed manually following the steps described here:

Note that for a valid conflict test, the first test must be done with only Gravity Forms and the Square add-on enabled. All other plugins should be disabled , and a default WordPress theme without custom code should be used (e.g. Twenty Twenty-One).

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