Stripe Credit Card Field Not Displaying

I am creating a registration form which will use Stripe as payment. Stripe add on is added and activated. I added the new Stripe Credit Card Field to the form, added the web hook from Stripe account to Gravity Forms.

The Credit Card field (card number) are simply gone from the form. The Card holder Name is visible, however the Stripe credit card number (that is iframed in from Stripe’s servers) is missing. I have a validated SSL certificate.

Running latest version of WordPress, GF, and all other plugins, GF key is validated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jordan. There are several possible reasons for this. I recommend opening a support ticket so they can help you would with the resolution.

Thank you.

Done. Thanks Chris.

Hi Jordan- Did you ever resolve this issue on your site? I am having a similar problem!

Yes indeed! Let’s see what did I do…the site has to load completely over SSL, Stripe live keys set, and product/qty. field set in the form as well.

Hopefully this helps. It was one little option checked and it started working, apologies if this isn’t super helpful!

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Are there any updates on this? I’ve tried everything said and this is still happening to me.

Hi John. I recommend opening a support ticket for an important issue such as setting up the Stripe add-on to accept payments:

Is there any update on this? Having the same issue and have the latest version of Gravity Forms and Stripe Add On

I recently just set up stripe, some things to consider:

  1. have an SSL
  2. set up a stripe feed
  3. need to have some form of product/total form element
  4. completed stripe setup in Forms > settings > stripe (You will need to link your stripe account to accept payments, note that you will be authenticated once it allows you to disconnect the account. If you cant see this then you need to try link it again)

You should also see the errors on your form as to why stripe is not working to help you narrow it down