Stripe CC field greyed out in gravity forms, doesn't show in form on web

Have the latest WP, latest Stripe, latest GF. Site is https and certificate is good. My GF-Stripe forms worked at 1145am yesterday, and they don’t today - the CC box is no longer displayed on the web. I’ve rebuilt the form from scratch, and when I add the Stripe Card field, the CC box is greyed out and doesn’t show up when the form is displayed. I honestly don’t think anything changed between 1145am yesterday and today at 1030am when the first customer said they couldn’t provide their CC.

One thing I did notice - I’ve never seen this on the forms before. Above the Stripe Card element, the form has “Card NumberMM/YYCVC”. It’s not typed, and it’s not attached to the Stripe Card element (if I delete the Stripe Card field, that text is still there). The text does NOT show up in the web display of the form.

Hi Jean Anne. I recommend opening a support ticket if you have not already:

That will be the quickest way to a resolution for you. Thank you.