Credit Card field missing? on ALL sites [RESOLVED]

I am creating a registration form which will use Stripe as payment. Stripe add on is added and activated. This site already has forms with Stripe payment with credit card fields in use. However, on my new form, I went to Pricing Fields to add credit card - and it’s just not there at all. So I checked other forms on this site - credit card field is just not an option on ANY form - including those that already have credit card fields in the form.

So then I checked all of my other sites running Gravity Forms and Stripe add on - the Credit Card fields are simply gone from every one of the sites (including my own).

Are others experiencing this? or am I losing my mind? I’ve done this a hundred times.

Running latest version of WordPress, GF, and all other plugins, GF is developer version and key is validated.

I did open a priority support ticket but thought I’d ask here as well. Thanks in advance.

If you have opened a priority support ticket, we’ll leave this issue to them rather than duplicate the effort here. Chances are you just need to update to the latest interim Stripe build from the downloads page.

Hi Chris,
Yes, that is what they suggested also and yes, that did work. Thank you :slight_smile:

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