Stripe option disappeared

I am creating a form that will use Stripe as payment. Stripe add on is added and activated. I had everything set up and the secret key was connected with Stripe in the test mode. I added the Stripe checkout field and the form looked as I wanted it. When I went to test the form, the checkout field was missing. I checked the form settings and noticed the Stripe field was missing from the form and the option to add Stripe was also missing.

I am running the latest version of WordPress, GF, and I downloaded a copy of the Stripe addon from downloads and replaced the builtin version - this did not resolve the issue. I still do not have the option to add Stripe. The theme is Divi running on a dev server with https enabled. Thanks for any help or wisdom.

Hi have you also created the Stripe Feed on the form?

Yes there is a feed and the form was working for a brief time until the time the entire Stripe module disappeared. It is on a dev site, I am going to move it to live today and test it there instead.

Hi Terri. Due to the critical nature of a payment form, I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue: