Problem with Stripe Payment


I created a form with Gravity Forms by putting 2 purchase options: Either Stripe or bank transfer.

When the user chooses by bank transfer, there is a logical condition to the transfer part and the credit card field does not appear, it is ok here but When the user validates, this error is displayed:

“An error occurred during your upload: Unable to authorize the card. No response from Stripe.js.”

“An error occurred during your submission: We are unable to process your payment request at this time. Please try again later.”

Yet the Stripe Payment part is optional, I don’t understand what is blocking?

Thanks in advance

Here is my log :

And the page : Formulaire Partenaires - Congrès IFEC 2023

Double check that you have conditional logic configured for the Stripe feed, hiding the card is not going to prevent the feed processing, you need to configure the logic for the feed too.

See this for more details:

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