Faulty logic? Empty credit card fields sent to Stripe

Hi there.

My endpoint was disabled by Stripe because it kept failing. Every error I checked had to do with a charge going over to Stripe with missing credit card info. This seems to match up with our testing of the forms, so my guess the logic I’ve set up is failing.

We take PayPal and credit cards, the latter via Stripe.

Before the credit card fields appear the user has to tick a radio button to specify which payment option they want to use. Both the PayPal and credit card fields are required, but if they’re not visible the form gets processed anyway, no problem.

While we do test actual/live payments on occasion, we test more often using a code that zeros out the form total.

In the Stripe feed settings, the form is set up to only send to Stripe if the user has ticked the Credit Card option. Same with PayPal – it’s only supposed to go over if the user ticks that option.

It’s not just our testing, which obviously we could control. Every once in a while we’ll want to give out a freebie coupon code or something.

How can we keep zero-total and/or empty credit card info transactions from being sent to Stripe?


Are you using the ‘Coupons’ add-on?
When we use this with a 100% discount, the transaction does not get submitted to Stripe.
Further, I include something like “100percent” in my 100% coupons and then use conditional logic to hide the CC field if the coupon code contains “100percent”

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