Bypass stripe credit card fields when total is $0

I have a form that has a single product. There is a coupon filed for discounts and a filed for the Stripe credit card processing. When the form completes, the use is sent to WPesignature to sign a document.

The Stripe filed needs to be required so that the user does not get to sign the document until payment is collected.

There are times when a user may be given a coupon for 100% discount. By default the customer is still required to add their credit card information.

The conditional logic for the Stripe field lets me hide Stripe when specific coupons are used, but what means editing the from every time the coupons are changed.

What I need is the hide the Stripe field whenever the total is $0.

Any help?

I’ve used the GP Copy Cat perk by Gravity Wiz to copy the Total field to a hidden field that can then be used in the conditional logic of the Stripe Card field. You’ll also want to be sure to set the same conditional logic on the Stripe feed.

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