Credit Card field gives error when it's hidden [RESOLVED]

I’ve set up a form for a conference, in the last section “Payment” I have a dropdown field for selecting payment method of ‘Check’ or ‘Credit Card.’ When selecting ‘Check’ and clicking ‘Submit’, I get an error stating “There was a problem with your submission. Errors have been highlighted below.”

However, no field is highlighted, but if you switch payment method to Credit Card, the Credit Card field appears and is highlighted red.

This only happens when I have the feed active for payment processing. DIsabling the feed allows the form to be submitted using the “Check” payment option.

I’ve configured payment this way on many other forms and this is the first time I’ve had a problem, any ideas? I’ve tried replacing the fields and generally doing things differently to troubleshoot with no success.

You must use conditional logic on the credit card feed so that is not processed when they select “check” in your form. Right now, the feed is being processed but there is no credit card information supplied (because the field is hidden.). Add conditional logic to the feed to have it process only when “Credit card” is selected in the form and you’ll be all set.

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I have the same issue. I need two payment types: (1) bank transfer and (2) credit card. I have added conditional logic to show either (1) bank information or (2) the built in credit card fields, but the form will not submit when bank transfer is chosen. The conditional login I added to the credit card block is to only show it if (2) credit card is chosen otherwise it is hidden. Where do I add conditional logic to the feed?

Go to your credit card Feed (whichever payment add-on you are using) and scroll to the bottom where there will be a checkbox that says “Conditional logic”. Then set your Condition here the same as you did with the credit card field in the form.


Thank you for the answer. it was very helpful and solved the problem.

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