Conditional Logic on Confirmations not working [RESOLVED]

Hi folks,

I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this.

I have a 2 fields on my form. one or the other of which appears according to conditional logic - working great

Each one has an option "can’t get this form to work " - this is something to do with our stripe connection very occasionally not working to process someone’s credit card - we think it’s something to do with server cache - but at any rate, i’ve built a work around which means that if that happens to someone, I want them to complete the form, choose “I can’t get this form to work” (in which case the Stripe card entry bit of the form disappears, - and they need to follow a link to a page on the site that will direct them to a stripe product selection directly through stripe, thus bypassing the in-form-stripe payment field.

I have added an additional Confirmation to my confirmation list, and it is active

and I have set that to direct to my specific page if either of the two of the conditional ‘I can’t get this form to work’ fields is selected

but no matter what I do It only gives me the default confirmation .

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might be missing?

Thanks in advance!
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Everything in the screenshots looks correct. Can you export the form (instructions), then upload the json file somewhere, and include a link to it here? We can test the confirmation conditional logic to see what’s going on. Thank you.

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sure… no guarantees that it’s not a bit of a mess! but that could be part of the problem I guess :slight_smile:
json file

:slight_smile: 5t.

just to say, I’ve included the link to the direct payment page in the default confirmation text just until I can get the conditional logic to direct them :slight_smile:

i would be so grateful if anyone had any ideas :slight_smile:

I took a look at the form. I don’t understand the conditional logic you have on some fields. Some of the fields are shown when Name is Less Than “02/14/2023” or more than “02/14/2023” or even when Name matches “02/14/2023”. Why is it set up that way?

Also, you have conditional logic set on fields that are based other fields that have conditional logic. That’s called nested conditional logic and is not supported in Gravity Forms. You can read about the limitation here:

Thank you for that article which I will read and absorb - it could be that is where my problem lies.

So… about the date field … I have a hidden field that is automatically populated with today’s date.

There is an option for people to register their membership to join our sister organisation along with ours, but the cutoff for that is midnight on Feb 14 each year. So If it is ON or Before Feb 14th, they can also join our sister organisation, but if it is afterwards, they cannot. Which is why that logic is there… and that is working fantastically for me (before we’d have people try to join afterwards and we’d have to refund them)

Again… thanks a lot for the nested conditional logic tip, I didn’t know about that and will have thorough read - it all seems to work though… except that the logic on submission is not taking you to the alternative page… … right then…

Gravity Forms does not have built-in support for date-based conditional logic. Do you have the following third-party add-on installed?

ahh yeah… yes I do, that is indeed the 3rd party add on I’m using. maybe that’s what’s confusing the final functioning of that form. ahh well… the conditional date thing is way more important to me than the conditional re-direction to the other link… so… there we go.

I forgot about that actually… I was just so grateful I finally got it working!