Coupon codes and Stripe Issues for Zero Balance

Hi. We are a non-profit organization hosting an event later this year. We are using gravityforms for registering attendees. Some of the attendees receive coupon codes that zero out or partially reduce what they owe. There are over 20-25 coupon codes each for single use.

Currently our form throws up random errors when the promo code is used. We want it such that when a valid promo code is used and there is a zero balance, the stripe credit card module goes away and they can register directly

Anyone who can help us develop this custom solution within the gravityforms framework

Hello @wadia ,

I would be glad to assist you.

To discuss further in detail kindly reach me at or Skype me: cis.garry

Looking forward for your response.



Hello @wadia

I am interested.

Please reach me at


Hi Wadia,

That is an interesting project. I’d love to see how the result ends up getting built by whoever is able to assist you directly. A couple links that may help you/that developer as a part of the overall solution:

  • With a normal Gravity Form, you can use the conditional logic to show/hide any specific field, but the validation of your coupon codes is happening after submit which is probably part of why your form is displaying errors currently.
  • If the initial form only displays the name/coupon code and basics of event details, you could use a Gravity Flow User Input step with conditional logic to determine if the payment details are required. By setting the confirmation type to be a redirect, the user would experience the submit button leading directly to the (potential) payment step or the (when not needed) workflow complete step.
  • If conditional logic needs a little more of a code oriented solution, gravityflow_step_is_condition_met provides that flexibility.
  • The Stripe Extension also provides the ability to capture payment separate from the form submission, or other step type scenarios such as refunds. While it wouldn’t be as ideal a user experience, you could then charge the full value and then have a refund step for those with a valid coupon pretty easily.


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