Conditional Logic based on Survey

I have a survey form as follow up from an event. I’m using the Likert configuration and I’m hoping there’s a way to use conditional logic so if a user chooses “dissatisfied” in the survey, an additional field will become visible asking them to explain their choice.

I’ve added a single line text field but when I choose conditional logic my survey question field is not shown as an option.

Is there a work-around? Any tips to achieve this?


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Survey fields are not currently available for use with Conditional Logic. This is on our list of requested features. I added your vote there. Thank you.


Any update on this? Would be quite handy.

There is no update. It’s still on our list of requested features. I will add a vote for you.

Yes, would love this. any updates?

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You can vote for it on the roadmap at

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I gotta say I am pretty darn disappointed that I just shelled out $200 for the survey and this very basic and foundational functionality is not available.

Hi Ellie. I’m sorry we do not have the features you are looking for. Have you already opened a support ticket to ensure that what you’re trying to do is not currently possible?

Thanks for the tip. Did not occur to me to open a support ticket for a feature that is not available.
I am assuming that you are telling me to take up time to create a support ticket because it is available.

Hi Ellie. I was suggesting you open a support ticket so we can find out exactly what you need to do with conditional logic. Survey fields cannot be used in conditional logic rules, but depending on your scenario it may be possible to accomplish the same thing using non-survey fields. We’ll need more information to know if what you’re trying to do is possible or not. Thank you.

Yes, I am aware one can do conditional logic with non-survey fields. What I need is conditional logic for survey fields, which is why I was here reading the community post about conditional logic for survey fields. It is really disappointing that a relatively expensive upgrade for survey doesn’t offer what should be foundational functionality. I’ll be downgrading and will probably have to move to another platform, which is unfortunate.

Thank you for your feedback Ellie. If you want to add a vote to this open request, I recommend adding a note with your comments here so we can put it in front of the product team:

You can click the blue plus sign on the lower left to add a note if you like. Thank you again and good luck with your project.

If the team has ignored this for eight years, I doubt they actually care to build this foundational feature. It would be useful to those considering the expensive upgrade if the product description explained limitations anyone looking for a survey tool would assume is available. Very disappointing.

Hi Ellie. I certainly understand your point of view. I will add your comments to the feature request so that the product team is aware of your interest in the feature. Thanks again for sharing your comments.

UPDATE: I see that you already added your feedback. I added some additional comments there. Thanks again.

Any update on this? Would be quite handy.

The Add-on description clearly states that conditional logic is possible. Might want to reword that to include the truth.

“Leverage the limitless capabilities of Gravity Forms to create advanced surveys anywhere on your WordPress site. Limiting after a certain date or number of surveys, advanced conditional logic, and an easy-to-use UI… it’s no different than creating any form in Gravity Forms!”

Thanks for the feedback @shorton. I will share that with the product and documentation teams.

You could use Gravity Wiz’s copy cat plugin to populate a hidden field, and then add conditional logic to the single line field to only appear if the other hidden field is not blank.

However, please check with Gravity Wiz to see if this is a support field type. Their site doesn’t clarify all supported field types. Here’s a link:

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