I want to use conditional logic with Quiz\Survey\Poll but am unsure which is best suited

I am looking for general guidance regarding add-ons for Gravity Forms. The following is my general function idea.

Website offers a Questionnaire Health Screening link. The link opens a generalized questionnaire. The responses lead to progressively more detailed questionnaires which lead to response specific landing pages with a combination of free suggestions, link to request set up for discount supplement purchase account and a link to request a personalized online consultation with a doctor.

I already use many questionnaires and they are very useful for providing guidance. The mind map of the sup-pages will be pretty complex, but the logic seems pretty straightforward. Reading the info on your Add-ons for Quiz, Survey or Poll left me unsure which best suited my needs.

Thank you for whatever guidance you can offer me.

Hello. It depends on what your questions look like. Survey is probably not correct, because that is designed to aggregate submission answers across many users. Additionally, Survey fields do not support conditional logic at this time.

Polls is designed for simple questions (like Yes or No to a single issue.) That’s probably not appropriate.

Quiz makes sense if you need weighted answers (if some choices in a field count more toward your result).

It’s also possible you can accomplish this without any additional add-ons. If you can share an example of your questionnaire, we can review and give you better advice. Thank you.

Please circle the appropriate number on all questions below. 0 as the least/never to 3 as the most/always.

More on form logic.
Certain responses to questions I weigh a bit more. Sections with more questions should discount the weight of responses to account for more questions. Thus I should be able to assign custom values to question responses, ideally. Logic would ideally account for specific groupings of sections regarding redirection to next page. Links on final page will offer a form fillable sections to describe their primary interest (set up for discount supplements or video consultation with doctor) as well as an open area for them to explain their situation in a limited number or words as well as their request for human contact, which should forward us a notification with a summary of their responses and their form filled entries with their contact info and send them a confirmation to their contact email saying we received their request and we will be in contact…

Hi, Chris started helping with this. Any new input or pointers? I appreciate whatever advice and direction I can get.
Sincerly, Tom


I’d echo @chrishajer comment that Quiz feels like a very good add-on for part of your solution. With the UI you show in screenshot the Survey add-on (and it’s likert setting in particular) would be equally useful.

The way you describe the conditional series of responses and how “responses lead to progressively more detailed questionaires which lead to response specific landing pages” reads a lot like something where Gravity Flow could have value for you too. The steps in workflows can have conditional logic (should this occur) as well as define which order to occur and what step to go to next based on field values. Creating a Form Connector extensions’ Form Submission step type which is linked to through the form confirmation or User Input completion message would give two big benefits:

  1. Seamless experience to the customer - as if they were submitting separate forms on their own pages, but with some of the field data being pre-populated for them.
  2. The option for reminder messages to reduce abandoned survey experiences. A reminder notification can be setup to wait X hours/days/weeks/months and then repeat every Y thereafter (stopping as the user completes that step).

For this, you would likely want to use an add-on like GravityMath, setup a hidden field per section which tallies the answers per section / number of questions.


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Thank you. This is helpful.

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