It's Conditional Logic For Survey Fields Still Isn't Available

I’m quite shocked that GravityForms has failed to provide a critical feature like this. It’s been nearly 5 years. There really should be a disclaimer that the Survey Add-on doesn’t support logic. It’s useless garbage. I wasted my time building a survey and now I’ve got to start over. Is anyone else as surprised as I am that the Survey Fields do not support Conditional Logic?

Wow. I’m a bit surprised too. I’m trying to build a survey with conditional logic and I can’t now. Yikes. I have to figure out a work around.

GravityForms friends, any way conditional logic can be added to this field type??? Please!

As it’s been pointed out, that is not currently a feature of the Gravity Forms Survey Add-On. If you agree this would make a good addition to Gravity Forms’ Survey Add-On, I recommend adding a note to our product roadmap. Click the blue plus in the lower left on this page to add a note for our product team:

Thank you.​​

I just added a comment. Thanks.

Thanks, Mark. I see it :wink:

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