Conditional question based on Survey

I want to create a question based on (ie conditional on) the response to a survey question.

You have actually even written a blog post at How to Create a Net Promoter Score Survey With Gravity Forms | Gravity Forms telling people how to use Gravity Forms to create a Net Promoter Score and in that you talk about how a Net Promoter Score (NPS) needs a likert scale followed by a question.

The question that gets asked is based on the likert score (ie. NPS) less than X (usually less than recommend or highly recommend).

It is literally impossible to do this with Gravity Forms and yet since 2018 (the same year you posted this blog post that implies GF can do NPS) you have been ignoring requests to make this work (in the topic which you now appear to have closed to comments at Conditional Logic based on Survey).

How can you keep telling people Gravity Forms can create a Net Promoter Score survey, and then simultaneously ignore the request to make that true?

Hello. You’re correct that the question after the rating is normally conditionally shown when the rating is not recommended or highly recommended. But conditional logic based on survey fields is not supported, as you know. I will ask to have that article removed. And I have added your comments to the open feature request for supporting conditional logic based on survey fields. Thank you for your feedback.

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