Conditional fields destroys fields

So i have a long and complex form.
but once you touch the title afterwards, it says that it will disconnect your logic fields.

Would it be possible to consider to make this different, so that a conditional field gets its own unique id and you are able to change titles and prices… without destroying your LF.

Or is there a way to change those without destroying them in the DB ?

Hello. Do you mean the field label, or the choice label being changed? You can change field labels (the field title) without affecting conditional logic rules. However, you cannot change choice labels without affecting conditional logic later in the form. The workaround is to check the box to ‘show values’ and give each option a unique value. At that point, you can change the choice labels (visible in the form) without affecting conditional logic rules.

If you’re looking for something else, please share more information and include screenshots if you can. Thank you.

Thank you Chris, for your response.
They both are the same name, mm but that would be great for future forms. I’ve built already 217 complex forms, and this is so annoying. I will test this with form id 218, hope this solution works. So i can adjust items, without a hiccup

Ps: When I set ‘Show Values’

I see Label, value two boxes and price.
Where should i put the unique value? In the left or right box of the value?
Or which one is visible in the front end?

The left column is the visible label. The right column is the value. If you uncheck the box “Show Values” you will see only the label column. If you check the box “Show Values”, then you see the Value column.

The value should be simple, with no HTML or special characters. And the value must be unique. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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