Hundreds of different Field Labels, each needs unique Conditional Logic

I have hundreds of different choices for Field ID 5 (Company Name), I would like to set it up so that if a user picks one of these Company Names, a unique option for the shipping address comes up. Is there a way to easily do this is HUNDREDS of different choices, or am I going to have to manually create a new drop down field with an Advance setting to Enable Conditional Logic.
If there is ANY way to do this easily please let me know. I am considering writing my own plugin but I will be starting from scratch and learning from the bottom up. So avoiding that would be wonderful if possible. Thank you

Hi Roderick, I’m just a fellow Gravity customer too, and a part-time dev.

Let me re-state in abstract what I think are your requirements…

  1. You have a “Drop Down” field pre-populated with numerous choices.
  2. After a user selects a choice, you need to then display a new filed pre-populated with values specifically related to that choice.

While it’s a simple matter of pre-defining the 2nd field and using conditional logic to display it, this is not feasible at a big scale.

Should no one else have a better solution for you, I will suggest the approach I would take. First let me ask a few follow up questions…

  • What format is your data for the shipping address in ? (csv, database table, JSON file, etc)
  • Is your design amenable to the first question (Company Name) to being sequestered to its own form, and the next field be in another form displayed after they click submit to first form ?
  • You are not adverse to adding some custom PHP code to your functions file to support this (i’m guessing not based on what you said).