I closed the ticket too soon "Conformation email with Price Option Label Name, Choice Name AND Value"

@david I had a small issue with the code you gave me for Conformation email with Price Option Label Name, Choice Name AND Value

Works perfect unless two or more options share the same Value, then the code copies the option name to the other options. so if product option 1 is name: blue value:yellow and option 2 is name:red value:yellow the all_fields will be list them as “productname: red, yellow” for both. seems it grabs the last option name and uses that for all option names with the same value.

Yikes, I hope that makes sense.

Gravity Forms requires choices to have unique values. This is because it is the value that is saved in settings and the entry. You’ll need to update the choice values to make them unique.

Thanks for the information, that bombs my idea, the values are billing codes for the options, and some product options share the same code…crap.

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