Wrong option reported in notifications

I use a dropdown field to route emails to various account managers, using their emails as hidden values.

The notifications are being sent to the correct emails, but reporting the wrong labels being chosen. Regardless of what the user selects, the alphabetical first option attached to that particular email is what’s reported in the notification.

For example, when a simplified version of my dropdown choices is:

A | bob@website
B | bob@website
C | charlie@website
D | charlie@website
E | bob@website

If user selects A, B, or E, bob@website receives the notification (as it should), but the notification always says that the user selected A.

If user selects C or D, charlie@website receives the notification (as it should) but it says the user selected C.

I’ve never encountered this before. Any ideas?

Can you post a screenshot of the notification email body?

Also, does the drop down have both options and values enabled?

Yes, options and values are both enabled, and routing is working correctly.

Not sure how helpful the screenshot is with dummy information, but:


“Provider” is the field in question. I put in test options “A Test” and “Z Test” both routed to my email, submitted Z, and received A.

Results are the same even if we list out individual fields in the notification instead of using {all_fields}.

Can you test without the value?

Additionally, You can try changing the value with the snippet on this page after the form has been submitted.

If that doesn’t solve it, you may want to Open a ticket if you have a valid license.

Hi Holly. If you need assistance with that, you can open a support ticket here:

Be sure that each value is unique in the dropdown option choices. If you are using values and they are not unique, you will get unexpected results.

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