When using values rather than labels in select fields issues with notifications? [RESOLVED]

We have a form with 2 x select/dropdown fields. one contains postcode/zipcodes with different values in groups and the other is equipment models, but with the same value recorded for each. we need the values as they are used in calculations for quote building. however, i now see that due to the same values being used in the dropdown we get the first label that corresponds to that value sent in the notifications. I understand i could change the values to be unique by adding a £0.01 to every value (there are about 200 values to make unique) but i wondered if there was another way?

I am having the same issues as in this post - Wrong option reported in notifications

Is there a better work around that anyone can suggest rather than changing all of the values to unique values?

There’s no other way I know of. Each option value needs to be unique. I’ll leave this open in case anyone else has another idea.

Thanks Chris, I was stumped by this for a while and thought it was something I was doing something wrong or a plugin conflict, I was trying to get select2 working in mobile and was working with chatgpt, and thought that some of that was causing the issues. I have now made every value unique and everything is working correctly.

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